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We are going on tour and we need your help!!

We’re heading to 21 cities across the US & Canada to talk about our book, This Is A Book for Parents of Gay Kids, and to dialogue and provide much-needed resources with families & communities! AHHHH!

However: We can’t do it alone, which is why we’re now looking to you. We will need to gas up the car & keep it maintained, put a roof over our heads, get food in our stomachs, and acquire coffee for our brains (or wherever coffee goes). 

We also decided that, instead of a campaign where we create a new project and you get perks based on that project, we would simply ask for your help

Each level represents something you’re providing for us, and thereby providing for the thousands of people we will meet on our travels. PLUS, we will be doing google hangouts from the car, streaming from select events, and live-tweeting & instagramming from the road.

Every donation over $10 will get a postcard from the road, signed (with so much love) from us (Dannielle and Kristin, that is).

You can follow our tour and have access to exclusives by donating even the tiniest amount. Every dollar really does make a difference! 

We appreciate you, and can’t wait to meet you all in just two weeks!! 

Help us out by donating here!


Dannielle & Kristin


Oct. 20-21, 1967. The March on the Pentagon begins.

100,000 people arrive in Washington on Friday and convene Saturday morning at the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool on the Mall. The weather is sunny and pleasant, and so far the mood is calm. 

LBJ Library photo 7051-33, and 7051-35, public domain. 

(via pbsthisdayinhistory)

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